Blood Elves: Demonic energy clean since 2009Edit

Raavi | Alsinar | Micaila | Dimona | Fabioh | Eveverly

Tauren: Happy cows come from MulgoreEdit

Yukala Oakrunner | Zarrine Oakrunner | Moomessa

Forsaken: Still can't stand the smell of orcsEdit

Jizel | Izari 

Trolls: Their tastes vary from person to person..Edit

Shani | Jumbaba | Spearheart

Orcs: Kicking ass and taking names since CenariusEdit

Bloodsnow | Vashanda

Goblins: Great Greedy GutsEdit



Human: Humanities worst enemyEdit

Night Elves: Over dramatic Tree-HuggersEdit

Dreanei: The Space GoatsEdit

Gnomes: Coming up short in everything since 1985Edit

Dwarves: Almost cool enough for the horde.Edit

Worgen: Can we officially call these guys Alliance Dogs?Edit

Non-Player CharactersEdit

Profiles of characters in our stories but non played by anyone in particular. Open to be rolled if someone is interested

Daugdur - Khellus

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