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Forsaken (formally Blood Elf)


Warlock (formally mage)










Fabioh [Best Friend], Eveverly [Apprentice], Raavi [Associate], Daugdur [Employer],


Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Love Fool


Izzie, Iza, 'Zari

"I was like you, once .. a very long time ago. But the person I've become... well, this is what hundreds of years of being on the wrong side of the fight looks like. Choose your battles wisely."

Izari is a enigmatic warlock with a tendency to be cold-hearted and dark. She's been frequenting Silvermoon, collecting information for her employer Daugdur, but for what reason nobody knows. Otherwise she spends most of her time in competitive battlegrounds and arenas or picking fights with the Alliance openly.


Early Life & Young Adulthood: The WarsEdit

Izari was born during the Golden Age of the High Elves and was a vigorous student of Arcane magic. Although military forces were generally unneeded during this time, she did offer her magic to qualm the occasional Troll riot.

Because of her experience and familiarity with the Trolls, she played a strong tactical roll in the thwarting of the Amani tribes during the Troll Wars, and continued to loyally serve Silvermoon along side the Alliance to push back the Orcish Horde in the second war.

Izari was torn when political unrest lead to the High Elven retreat from the Alliance. She had enjoyed the security of the pacts held between them and felt the Elves were acting brashly in their decision. In defiance, she joined many of her Arcane Wielding fellows in Dalaran to work along side the younger races. During her time there, she continued to study magic, but also wrote letters to Silvermoon's leaders in hopes of convincing them to re-join the Alliance.

Izzie Mage2

Izari as a mage instructor in Dalaran.

When the scourge had successfully decimated Quel'Thalas, Izari was ridden with tremendous guilt for having left, and she began to develop resentment towards the Alliance who did nothing to help. Furthermore, now unable to use the corrupted powers of the Sunwell, her racial addiction began to surge and cloud her judgment, causing her to act much more rashly and shortening her temper. When Prince Kael'Thas began to reunite the Elves, she joined him vigorously vowing to never leave the side of her people again, no matter what. Izari proudly took on the name of the Sin'dorei.


Burning CrusadeEdit

She fully relinquished her faith in the Alliance when they sentenced the entire Blood Elven race to death. She fled to Outland with Kael'thas and his followers to try and find a cure for her people. While there, she abandoned arcane magic in favor of the darker and stronger arts used by the natives, thus becoming a Warlock. She enjoyed the boundless Fel Energy and excelled at her new path, ignoring the changes they were causing within her. Even so, she began to grew weary of the Burning Legion and loyalties of Illidan.

As time went on, it became clear Kael'Thas had lost his senses and many of his former followers had decided to turn to the Shatar and join the fight against him. Once again Izari had to make a difficult decision. Recalling stories she had heard of the Ancient Wars, she darkly decided that Kael'Thas' alliance with the Burning Legion was going too far and joined the Scryers in their attempt to make things right. She still felt, however, that he had always meant to do the best for his people and was deeply stricken by his death.

Izari Prof

After becoming a warlock and addicted to fel magic.

After his fall, the turmoil in her heart and resentment of the Alliance started reaching extreme levels and she began to obsessively partake large-scale fights against them to qualm her senses. In the heat of battle, she felt both numbed and exalted and became addicted to the rush of competition.

Eventually she concluded she would have to come to terms with her decisions and she returned to Silvermoon to mixed reception. Many of the Blood Elves who had stayed behind felt those who fled to Outland were traitors, while others also revered the Scryers for their brave turn around.

She found it difficult to immerse herself into the world she once loved, finding the ways of her old life almost intolerable. It dawned on her that she had changed severely over the centuries.

Oddly enough, the only company she felt at home with was with the forsaken. 

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

When the Horde issued its call to arms in Northrend, Izari gladly took the opportunity to focus her energies on fighting Arthas and his forces. She aided in the destruction of Naxxramas and other emerging enemies and continued her combat in Arenas on the side. She had little interest in the Argent Crusade, however, but still chose to help them when she could and often watched as a spectator.

Spending so much time back in Dalaran re-sparked a bit of her former love of the Arcane. Feeling it was too late to go back, she opted to abandon Shadow arts in favor of fire magic in hopes of regaining a little bit of the feeling from being a Mage. After the fall of Arthas, she returned her attention to Battlegrounds and Arenas to pass the time.

She was approached in the Undercity but a mysterious forsaken named Daugdur, who  was doing some extensive studies on half-raced individuals with magical affinities. He claimed to have seen her fight in the Argent Crusade, explaining that he had spent a vast amount of time in Northrend. They struck up an odd friendship and Izari offered her extensive knowledge of magic to aid in his research.


Izari found Daugdur's research fascinating, although shady. He theorized that individuals who are of mixed racial backgrounds (Elf / Human, for instance) who were adept at magic had the capacity to surpass power limits generally inaccessible to pure-blooded magic users (save for a few).

He convinced Izari to undergo a dramatic spell transformation that would "turn" her into a human in order to seek out and question some individuals he knew to be of mixed race but aligned with the Alliance. He hoped that the chaos of the Cataclysm and shaky cooperation between the Horde and Alliance would be a prime moment to pull such a stint. Despite her hatred of the Alliance, Izari saw this as a golden opportunity - and a posible way to gain more power.

Despite her human guise, Izari was discovered by a young mage who recognized her face from her time in Dalaran. She was captured and interrogated by Human forces, imprisoned for several months until one night, an assassin appeared under a moonless sky and cut her throat, right in her own cell. 

After having her body dumped, Izari awoke... as a forsaken herself. What Daugdur failed to mention was the source and cost of such a powerful transformation spell - val'kyr magic that he had somehow taken during his time in Northrend. She is fairly convinced Daugdur sent the assassin - and isn't particularly displeased with the results. 

Mists of Pandaria Edit



Izari filters her resentment and guilt through snarky sarcasm and sharp wit. She often seems intimidating to new acquaintances and has few friends. She is highly critical of everyone and is hard to impress. One of her darker past-times is scrutinizing young aspirants, trying to crush their dreams of ever amounting to anything. This is likely her backwards way of trying to "save" them from sharing the same fate as she, in which the trials and tribulations of war kills innocence and hope.

Izari harbors an intense hatred for the Alliance and holds little to no regard for their lives. She will go out of her way to pick fights and is known to relentlessly target them. Having been a Scryer, she at first didn't hold a particular Kinship to the Horde other than their common adherence of the Alliance. Still, she sympathizes with Garrosh Hellscream's views and finds attempts at making peace with the Alliance, especially humans, frivolous. She looks down on anybody, regardless of faction or race, who thinks otherwise and would gladly follow the Horde into an open war with them.

Izari has little patience for certain types of people: those who are indecisive, whiny, self-important or over dramatic. She particularly despises when people make huge deals of small things or constantly change their allegiances. She finds young aspirants with overly optimistic views on life weak and thinks them more a liability than anything. She generally is not, however, outspoken in these matters. She'd rather slyly manipulate conversation to prove herself right or make someone feel inferior than outwardly accuse them of weakness. Still, she has no problem doing so if the situation calls for it.


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