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Raavi [Brother], Eveverly [Friend], Fabioh [Friend], Darcel [Childhood Friend], Shani [Mentor]


Crusader, Explorer, Noble


Mica, Micachu, 'Caela (Kayla)

"Why bother with political squabbles when there's treasure to be found and drinks to be had?"

Micaela is a Blood Elf hunter/rogue who's atypical of other Sin'dorei. She was relatively young when Silvermoon fell and the Sin'dorei joined the horde.  As such, unlike most of her kind, she spent the majority of her life living among many races, predominately the goblins of booty bay and orcs & trolls of durotar.

She is usually out in the wilderness hunting or spying on people, trying to pick up any information that could lead to ancient and valuable treasure.


Early Life / ChildhoodEdit

Mica Sun

Sunset over Durotar

Along with her older brother Raavi, Micaela was born and raised in Tranquillien before it was ravaged by the Scourge. Her father left when she was still too young to really remember him. Her mother, raising two children on her own, was distant, cold, and somewhat unstable. Not too long before Silvermoon fell to the scourge, Raavi packed Micaela and their mother and hid them deep in the Alterac mountains. Upon their return, he took up arms as a Paladin in order to fight against those responsible for the destruction of his home, leaving Micaela in the hands of their Mother who fell into a deep depression.

Eventually she simply left before Silvermoon was completely rebuilt, and lived on her own in the neutral Booty Bay as a Leatherworker until the Horde had officially inducted the Blood Elves into their ranks. Curious, she traveled to Durotar and wound up in Senjin village among the trolls who regarded her as a spectacle at first. She was eventually taken in by a Troll Shaman named Shani who taught her Orcish and Zandali. She learned combat skills of a roguish / hunter nature and became fairly good at both. In the few years she spent among the Trolls, she found them to be a fascinatingly fun group.

Young AdulthoodEdit

Shani, old and wise, told Micaela she should venture out into the world instead of staying stagnant in Durotar. By now Blood Elves had become the norm among the Horde and it would be easier for her to get by. Micaela began to travel all around Kalimdor gaining experience and eventually set to return to the Eastern Kingdoms through Ratchet. Here, she met a Blood Elf paladin, Darcel, who was setting out on the world as well. Having been raised in Silvermoon, Darcel was naive and self-righteous, but had a good heart. The two became fast friends, and Darcel tried to convince Micaela to return to Silvermoon at least to see how things had changed. Micaela refused and instead offered to help the Paladin navigate through the jungles of Stranglethorn. During their travels, Micaela learned about chaos in Outland. Stunned and enraged, Micaela was ever inspired to become strong enough to help put an end to the suffering.


The Burning CrusadeEdit


Micaela and her brother sporting Scryer tabards.

Bidding her friend farewell, she continued her ventures around Azeroth until she was strong enough to travel into Outland, where she was shocked to see the broken world. While there, Micaela was taken in by a clan that helped her finish up her training. She felt a strong kinship to the Mag'har orcs and found Nagrand to be a second home. She also got caught up in the liveliness and vigor of the forces in Shattrath and became a regular at parties and bars, gaining a bit of a reputation as a party animal.

She was reunited with her brother who had heard her name thrown around. They shared stories and promised to keep in touch after Raavi apologized for abandoning her. Together they helped bring down Kael'Thas and Illidan and joined the ranks of the Shattered Sun to deal with the Sunwell. Micaela finally ended up heading back to Silvermoon and the siblings shared a small home during this time. Raavi introduced her to his friends and she began to get absorbed into the Elven culture.

The Sourge (pre-wrath)Edit

Raavi's paladin skills were required in Shattrath, although for what he never said. Micaela stayed behind helping to fight the lingering forces with the SSO until she got a letter from him warning of a dark plague of otherworldly origins. He said she should find a place of refuge far from civilization. Confused, she head to Orgimmar where it became obvious there was a problem. Many people were falling ill and an inexplicable surge of zombies had suddenly appeared. Shocked and worried for her brother, Micaela returned to Shatt to find the city in even worse condition. She was able to locate her brother as he was helping the Argent Dawn in dealing with the plague, but he almost immediately ordered her to leave. Although reluctant, Micaela fled to Nagrand, having limited communication until the ordeal was over.

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

It became clear the cause of the chaos: Arthas, the Lich King, had returned and was threatening to overrun the world. Once again, the citizens of Azeroth answered the call and a mass exodus from Outland to Northrend occurred. Micaela joined their forces, though this time taking a more humble role behind the scenes. Instead of directly getting involved in combat, she opted to make use of her trade skills and aided in the building of the Argent Crusade coliseum. She did become increasingly worried about her brother, though, as he had been distant and secretive in his goings on in Northrend. Like her, he too did not take up arms against the forces of the Scourge but he was also definitely up to something. He continued to distance himself until finally, he disappeared.

Cataclysm / Mists of PandariaEdit

Whereabouts unknown. Some rumors say she retired from service to the horde and resettled in Nagrand for good. Others say she travels the many worlds as an archeaologist, searching for the rarist of treasures. Others still suggest she took up the bow and decided to spend her days fighting for glory in the battlegrounds. 

It is thought her brother, Raavi, is the only one who knows for sure. 


Micaela is brash and crude, having taken on the temperaments of the Booty Bay goblins and Kalimdor horde she spent many years with. Her Elven friends sometimes consider her almost animalistic in behavior, a view that she takes pride in, much to the dismay of her more cultured comrades. 

Underneath her brutish exterior, Micaela is manipulative and cunning in her quests: instead of being subtle and well hidden, she uses her loud personality to distract and confuse opponents, sometimes even drawing them into a false sense of security to better her odds at success.

She enjoys spending time in mixed crowds of either faction and tries to learn what she can about whoever wants to talk; this provides more insight should she face them or their kind in battle and has been known to attack people she's just been talking to. She tends to avoid causing any sort of harm to innocents, civilians, or children, but will gladly engage anyone else who crosses her. 

She views the tensions between Horde and Alliance more as a savage rivalry than direct hatred. She also is well aware of the advantages of having "allies within the enemy" and chooses her comrades wisely. There are a handful of Alliance she does hold in high regard and welcomes their information. In turn, she has been able to carry out certain deeds that they cannot do themselves. She has a strange attraction to night elves. 


•Micaela's traditional Elven name, Maicaelah, means "Cunning Bow Slayer"


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