Raavi Shalanidör
Raavi Prof




Blood Elf


Paladin [Prot/Ret]






Argent Crusade




Micaela[Sister], Eveverly[Best Friend], Khellus[Best Friend], Fabioh [Friend]


Hallowed, Jenkins


Ravioli, Avi

"When I think about all the countless and priceless things we've lost over the years... all the knowledge and art destroyed... it's not that surprising why I wish the fighting would stop." 

Raavi is a Sin'dorei Paladin serving the Argent Orders. After the fall of the Lich Ling, he is currently working with his mentor Daugdur to research the magical properties of Half-Blooded magic users and documenting the adventures of his guild, family, and friends since they banded together during the Burning Crusade.


Early Life / Young AdulthoodEdit

Raavi was raised in Tranquillien, son of a blacksmith and seamstress. He went to the Academy like most High Elves and learned small amounts of magic and basic swordsmanship along with the usual studies. He made several friends while schooling, including Eveverly, Fabioh, and Dimona. His mother had always been aloof and cold, so Raavi developed a very close relationship with his father and picked up his blacksmithing.

Living on the border between Elven and Amani Troll lands, Tranquillien was usually vigilant about security and he would put his skills to work it from sporadic attacks. Otherwise, most of his early life was low-key and humble. His mother eventually became pregnant and gave birth to a girl, named Micaela.

Raavi graduated from the academy around the time the Alliance first sought out the High Elves for an alliance. He was part of the small contingent sent to help fight off the orcish Horde. During his time, he befriended one young paladin named Khellus, and the pair quickly became best friends. Once the first war was over, Raavi brought Khellus back to see Quel'Thalas and meet the other Elves, one of the only humans to ever step foot in their lands to this point. After a short stay, Khellus eventually left, escorting Eveverly to Dalaran.

The Scourge Edit

Not long after the High Elves receded from the Alliance, Raavi's father left with a small group of soldiers to scout the borders to Lorderon and disappeared. At length, he received a letter from Khellus warning him of the Scourge and that he and his family should flee Quel'Thalas immediately. He even offered a place for them to stay in his home in Alterac with directions.

Raavi packed up his mother and sister, taking up a perilous journey through the ransacked lands of Lorderon. They arrived at the meeting destination, a small and secluded cabin in the mountains, but Khellus was nowhere to be found. Fearing the worst, Raavi stayed hidden with his family for months.

He set out to find out what was going on and learned about the complete destruction of the entire Kingdom of Lorderon, Quel'Thalas, and Dalaran. Devastated but determined, he returned to his family and told his mother of what had happened. Hysterical, she demanded they go back to Silvermoon.

After returning to their now destroyed homelands, Raavi used his craftmanship skills to help with the rebuilding of Silvermoon. When the elves recieved the 'gift' of Muuru, he immediately took up the the opportunity to become a Paladin to better defend their new home.

The Burning CrusadeEdit

Raavi Tank

'Tanking Gear' is manly in Burning Crusade

Like many of his fellows back in Silvermoon, Raavi was shocked as they were filtered information on the goings on in Outland. He eventually found his way and battled through the hellish terrain to Shattrath to find that Kael'Thas had betrayed his people.

Enraged, he took up arms along side the Scryers to take down their former leader and return things to normal. He eventually found his sister had also come to Outland. They caught up with one another and after a slightly tense reunion, decided to both help fight the dark forces back.

Afterwards they both returned to Silvermoon and continued to aid in cleaning up Quel'Thalas and guide their brethren.

Return of the PlaugeEdit

Rumors of a dangerous disease spreading in Shattrath called Raavi's attention. He left to use his Paladin powers aid the Argent Dawn, when he realized the direness of the situation. He sent a letter back to Micaela, warning her to take refuge far from crowded areas but she instead went to Shatt. He ordered her into hiding, and she obliged.

It didn't take long for everyone to realize the situation was worse than expected. The Scourge had returned in full force and was attack major cities back on Azeroth. People were, once again, dying by the scores and coming back as mindless killers. Eventually, all the evidence pointed to the return of Arthas. Once the plague eclipsed and then receded, Raavi immediately made for Northrend.

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Raavi felt a direct need to take part in the fall of the Scourge. As he fought his way through Northrend, he encountered Khellus and was shocked to find that the man had died and been risen as a Death Knight. Barely escaping the encounter, Raavi vowed to destroy Khellus and free him from this curse. He joined the Argent Crusade to be among fellow Paladins and hone his skills for the final encounter with his former friend.

He spent some time aiding in the fall of Sartharioin and Malygos. 

Cataclysm / Mists of Pandaria Edit

After the fall of Arthas and resolving the conflict with Khellus, Raavi finally felt at peace with the shadows of his past. He decided that for the time being he would retire to Silvermoon and concentrate on a memoir documenting the aventures of his Guild, family, and friends over the past several years, which was no small endeavor. He was also approached by Daugdur, a forsaken alchemist who had some very curious ideas on magic. 

It is thought he is the only person who knows Micaela's true whereabouts.


Raavi is the opposite of his sister in temperment: calm, low-key, and studious. He treats all new aquantances respecfully and holds anybody in a position of power in high regard.

He's very inquisitive and enjoys to research seemingly random subjects for the sake of knowledge. He is also often seen writing his own discoveries down in a large collection, but what exactly for, nobody knows.

His relationship with the Alliance is tentative at best. He holds his memories of fighting by their side dear but recognizes the strained relationship between them and his people. Still, he generally finds himself on nuetrual ground, spending much of his time with all-encompasing groups like the Scryers, Argent factions, and Shatterend Sun Offensive. He tries his best to avoid confrontation with anyone other than a known enemy by the scourge.

He can be goofy and awkward in social situations, especially with women, but has a good heart.


• Raavi's traditional Elven name Ruavin means "Star Storm".


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